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SubjectRe: [patch] perf_counter: Add p6 PMU
On Wed, 2009-07-08 at 17:46 -0400, Vince Weaver wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Jul 2009, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
> > doesn't sound like the right kind of event.. but then, it doesn't
> > have anything better either.
> Is there a way to specify "invalid event"? Just setting it to 0 doesn't
> work, on the Pentium Pro event 0 returns what looks like essentially
> random numbers.

Hmm, bugger. I was assuming writing 0 to the evensel would disable the
counter. Apparently that only works for eventsel1, which would mean we
cannot run counter1 without counter0. That means we'd need to do a
counter swap at times... :/

I think we can extend __hw_perf_counter_init() to return failure when
->event_map() returns 0 or something.

> >
> > - s/CORE_/P6_/ for the evntsel masks
> thanks, I missed that.
> > - int err;
> > - err = checking_wrmsrl(hwc->config_base + idx,
> > + (void)checking_wrmsrl(hwc->config_base + idx,
> the patches that do the above seem to be unrelated to p6 support.
> Did they get mixed in somehow?

Yeah, random cleanups..

> The patch as it stands will break non-p6 intel perf counters, as Core2 and
> atom are also cpu family 6. The attached patch takes the updated version
> you sent out, and includes a fix to the detection logic.

Ah, thanks!

> Also the current patch gives the following warning:
> arch/x86/kernel/cpu/perf_counter.c: In function p6_pmu_disable_counter:
> arch/x86/kernel/cpu/perf_counter.c:925: warning: right shift count >= width of type

#define checking_wrmsrl(msr, val) wrmsr_safe((msr), (u32)(val), \
(u32)((val) >> 32))

and I passed in a unsigned long, which on ia32 is well 32 bits :-)

> though I don't see where that actually happens, unless some deep macro
> magic is going on.
> Patch attached below. This is my first attempt at kernel development in
> the modern era, so I have no idea how to do the signed off by if multiple
> people are involved. Do I just put then all together?

Yeah, that usually works..

Thanks, I'll have a got at it tomorrow.

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