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SubjectRe: + cpu_hotplug-dont-affect-current-tasks-affinity.patch added to -mm tree
(add more CCs)

On 07/29, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> But can't we make a much more simple patch ?
> Why should we play with set_cpus_allowed() at all? We can just migrate
> the caller of _cpu_down() before other tasks, right after take_cpu_down()
> does __cpu_disable()->remove_cpu_from_maps().
> No?
> Oleg.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Uncompiled, and we need to export move_task_off_dead_cpu(). Just to
> explain what I mean.

OK, tested. I think this should work. But first we should fix the bug
with cpusets. I'll send the patch in a minute...


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