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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kdesu broken
> IOW, the whole argument really hinges on the fact that calling 
> flush_to_ldisc() manually (without any locking) is really not
> fundamentally any different from the delayed work doing it from a timer.

Which means the hangup path should be doing a cancel_delayed_work() in
the case where its not resetting the termios as well and since it isn't
you can't actually (fingers crossed) make the problem worse, its merely as
broken as before.


> And when we _do_ disable the timer, we also make that flush_to_ldisc()
> function be a no-op, so the "tty_ldisc_halt()" effectively stops both the
> timer and (conceptually) the manual call case too.
> So now we have one remaining case, namely the case of the ldisc then being
> re-initialized and TTY_LDISC is set again. But at that point, calling
> flush_to_ldisc() had better be ok again, wouldn't you agree?

The ldisc re-init via SETD should be fine as it locks versus hangup
anyway and always has to.

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