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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kdesu broken
Alan Cox <> writes:

>> Just a quick hack though. Is this wrong/unpreferable way?
>> n_tty_read() checks the pending buffer and consume it before
>> input_available_p().
> That won't change the fact that the process could have exited.


> You can fix the -ENXIO reporting that way (and it is basically what
> the EOFPENDING/EOF patch did), but the only way I can see to fix the
> assumption that the process exit means all the data is in the ldisc
> the other end ready to use is to actually to make the close() path
> block - but with some kind of limits to prevent deadlocks.

I thought, to check in n_tty_read() may guarantee that tty->buf (slave
guarantee to sent to tty->buf) is consumed by master side.

I hoped this tty->buf works as the pending data in ldisc.

OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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