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    SubjectRe: Linux

    On Mon, 20 Jul 2009, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > On Mon, 20 Jul 2009, Marc Dionne wrote:
    >>> Hmm. This sounds more like the binutils bug that people had. Sounds like
    >>> an assembler bug if the *.o file ends up being empty or at some fixed
    >>> size. If it was cc1 that fails, I'd expect to not see an *.o file at all,
    >>> since it didn't generate good assembly.
    >>> In fact, your behavior sounds like the thing that produces the *.o files
    >>> core-dumped or died for other reasons, and had a 64kB buffer that either
    >>> got flushed or not. That would explain the "zero or exactly 64kB" size.
    >>> It could be ccache too, of course.
    >> Actually in my case it turns out that it is ccache after all - if I remove it
    >> from the picture everything is fine. If I re-enable it, even with a clean
    >> cache, I get the problem.
    >> It might just be a coincidence that it's triggered by the -fwrapv change.
    > Ok, so this is getting ridiculous. Do we have _three_ different kernel
    > issues going on at the same time, all subtly related to tools issues
    > rather than the kernel source tree itself?
    > That's just completely bizarre.
    > So right now we have:
    > - Krzysztof Oledzki: the only one who so far has really pinpointed it to
    > the -fwrapv change itself.
    > It would be good to really double-check that this is not about ccache,
    > since Marc apparently gets a good kernel without ccache, and -fwrapv
    > seems to be involved.

    There is no ccache configured in my systems and the same problem appears
    on a different servers (both i386 and x86-64). However, the configs are
    very similar and the hardware is nearly identical.

    I'm pretty sure the only different between bootable and unbootable kernel
    is that fwrapv vs strict-overflow change.

    Best regards,

    Krzysztof Olędzki
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