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    SubjectRe: Linux does not boot
    > Built but it hangs when booting immediately after the message:
    > Booting the kernel.
    > I built it with gcc version 4.3.3 on debian/sid and used exactly the
    > same .config as I used with (ok, + "DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR 4096"
    > which didn't exist before).
    > Regards,


    I had the same problem this weekend and I also checked various configurations,
    but actually this is a problem with binutils_2.19.51.20090714-1.

    I found the following bug report for binutils which exactly described my problem:

    I downgraded binutils to the testing version (binutils_2.19.1-1) and the kernel
    booted without any problems. I did this for 2 other machines and they all
    rebooted with the sid version and they all booted fine with the testing version.


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