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SubjectRe: e1000e massive packet loss
Caleb Cushing a écrit :
> So from 2.6.30 to .1 I noticed that via an icmp test (mtr) 20-50%
> packet loss web browsing became impractical (downgrading fixed the
> issue). I'm wondering if the change to the driver (w/ msi) is the
> cause? also wondering if this is known and will be fixed in .2 I can
> provide more information if necessary.

Added netdev to get more attention to this.

What do you call 20-50% packet loss ?
(Losses to icmp flood itself, or tcp losses ?
Is the machine answering to icmp flood, or is it the origin ?

Are you saying packet loss was not occurring with 2.6.30 ?

Could you describe your methodology ?

You could give us results of "cat /proc/interrupts" from both
versions, because it sounds as an interrupt affinity problem.

# cat /proc/interrupts
# tc -s -d qdisc
# ifconfig -a
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