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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] GIT 1.6.4.rc1
Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Jeff Garzik <> writes:
>> I want to publish this tree to the world via a *
>> system, so my task is to
>> scp -r /spare/repo/cld/.git
>> but if I do this with scp, then future pushes to
>> emit the warning about updating
>> the currently checked-out branch
> I think "scp -r" is a wrong way to "clone", as it will copy .git/config
> that is specific to your local work tree that does not apply to the
> situation at anyway. You do not want to push into your
> local repository with a work tree you are "scp -r"ing out of, but you do
> want to push into the one at
> Interestingly enough, we had a two separate thread about making a bare
> repository out of a repository with a work tree today ;-)
>$ cd /pub/scm/
>$ git clone --bare over.there:/spare/repo/cld/.git cld.git

That direction doesn't work due to firewalls, hence the scp out /to/

So, will this make git happy? :)

[starting on local machine, where I do development]
1) scp -r /spare/repo/cld

2) ssh

3) cd /pub/scm

4) git clone --bare /tmp/cld/.git cld.git



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