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SubjectRe: [KVM PATCH] KVM: introduce "xinterface" API for external interaction with guests
Gregory Haskins wrote:
> Gregory Haskins wrote:
>> Note that if we are going to generalize the interface to support other
>> guests as you may have been suggesting above, it should probably stay
>> statically linked (and perhaps live in ./lib or something)
> More specifically, it can no longer live in kvm.ko. I guess it
> technically doesn't have to be statically linked, though (e.g.
> xinterface.ko is fine, too).

Speaking as someone who knows nothing about this, if this is going to be
a module and visible in places like lsmod, could you name it something else?

I see "xinterface.ko" and the first thing in my head is "something to do
with the X Window System."

How about kvm_xinterface or vguest_xinterface?

Zan Lynx

"Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts. Study Hard. Be Evil."

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