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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8] device async action mechanism

    I notice you are still ccing my address. That one no longer
    works :-(.

    > this is the patch set I made to speed up the device
    > suspend/resume/shutdown process.
    > A new mechanism called Device Async Actions is introduced in this patch set.
    > The basic idea is that,
    > 1. device declares to support certain kinds of device async action,
    > like suspend, resume, shutdown, etc.
    > 2. a async domain is create for this device
    > 3. the child device inherits the async domain
    > 4. devices in the same domain suspend/resume/shutdown asynchronously with
    > the other devices.
    > Currently, in order to make sure that it won't bring any side effects,
    > I only convert the ACPI battery and i8042 to use this framework, which reduces
    > 0.5s+ S3 time(suspend time plus resume time)???, from 7.0s to less than 6.5s.
    > and about 0.5s shutdown time in my test.

    Hmm, 7seconds is still quite long. What hw is that?

    (cesky, pictures)

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