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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ftrace: Add missing __init in ftrace_profile_debugfs()
    Rakib Mullick wrote:
    > Impact: Fix section mismatch.
    > The function ftrace_profile_debugfs() references a variable placed in
    > section. Thus causes a section mismatch warning. Since
    > ftrace_profile_debugfs() has been called from only
    > ftrace_init_debugfs, so we can safely mark ftrace_profile_debugfs as

    Thanks. It has been fixed by commit
    9d9949ce45b42be7a8157ea00fff2b1005ed844a in tip tree

    > init. Also it contains a trivial style fix, __init should be placed
    > between function type and function name (ftrace_init_debugfs).

    I think both styles are Ok.

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