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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] sched: INIT_PREEMPT_COUNT
    On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:57:56 +0200, Peter Zijlstra said:

    > +/*
    > + * Disable preemption until the scheduler is running.
    > + * Reset by start_kernel()->sched_init()->init_idle().
    > + */
    > +#define INIT_PREEMPT_COUNT (1)
    > +

    I had to look at this for quite some time before it sank in that it wasn't
    a reset of a #define, or a reset of (1) (anybody else remember changing the
    value of '5' in a Fortran program?). Especially when stuck in with a bunch
    of cputimer defines. Would have taken even longer if I was looking in sched.h
    for something and not looking at this patch at the same time.

    Can we fix this comment to mention it's thread_info.preempt_count that
    needs the reset?
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