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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/11] swiotlb: Introduce architecture-specific APIs to replace __weak functions (v2)
    On Mon, 2009-06-01 at 16:32 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
    > This series:
    > * removes the swiotlb_(arch_)_phys_to_bus and bus_to_phys __weak
    > hooks, replacing them with an architecture-specific phys_to_dma and
    > dma_to_phys interface. These are used by both PowerPC and Xen to
    > provide the correct mapping from physical to DMA addresses.
    > * removes the swiotlb_address_needs_mapping and
    > swiotlb_range_needs_mapping __weak functions as well as
    > is_buffer_dma_capable (which should never have been a generic
    > function). All three are replaced by a single architecture-specific
    > interface which meets the needs of both PowerPC and Xen.
    > * removes the swiotlb_virt_to_bus __weak function and replaces it with
    > a CONFIG_HIGHMEM compatible version when high memory is in use. This
    > is needed for 32 bit PowerPC swiotlb support.
    > * removes the swiotlb_alloc* __weak functions and replaces them with
    > swiotlb_init_with_buffer which allows the use of a caller allocated
    > buffer (and emergency pool).
    > I think these new interfaces are cleaner than the existing __weak
    > functions and isolate the swiotlb code from architecture internals.
    > This series does not contain any Xen or PowerPC specific changes, those
    > will follow in separate postings. The complete patchset has been boot
    > tested under Xen and native-x86 and compiled for IA64 and PowerPC
    > Changes since v1:
    > - Fixed compile error in swiotlb_dma_to_virt highmem version. Moved
    > #ifdef into function to avoid prototype drift.
    > - checkpatch fixes.
    > - missed a swiotlb_arch_range_needs_mapping in swiotlb.h and x86
    > pci-swiotlb.c and swiotlb_bus_to_phys/phys_to_bus implementations in
    > x86.
    > - additionally replaced __weak swiotlb_alloc* with
    > swiotlb_init_with_buffer.

    Looks like I was only CCed on part of them... it's not very handy for me
    as I end up having some of the patches in one folder and some
    elsewhere :-)

    I don't have a firm objection but they will have to go through Becky
    and Kumar since they are the one who need swiotlb for their embedded


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