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SubjectRe: [PATCH] FRV: Wire up new syscalls

* David Howells <> wrote:

> Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> > It would make sense to wire it up for real as it's really easy:
> > just set HAVE_PERF_COUNTERS in arch/frv/Kconfig, add an empty
> > arch/frv/include/asm/perf_counter.h file. (Optional: double
> > check that tools/perf/ builds and works fine on FRV ;-)
> Are these for hardware performance counters?

No. PMU support is not necessary in the first step, you'll still get
plenty of features from enabling perfcounters on FRV:

- hrtimer driven recording/profiling

- various software counters

- working perf top / perf stat / perf record / perf report

The tools will all work out of box and there's a transparent
fall-back path in the tools if the hardware counters are not

It's much easier to add than basic Oprofile support, and you'll get
a lot more features in exchange as well ;)

[ There might be unanticipated problems of course - please report to
us any problems (tools/perf/ does not build cleanly, features dont
work as expected, etc.). ]


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