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    SubjectRe: [Bonding-devel] BUG: bonding module can only be loaded once
    Jay Vosburgh wrote:
    > Patrick McHardy <> wrote:
    >> I'd expect its not the distros, but rather the applicances which might
    >> still be using this. I know a vendor I used to work for a couple of
    >> years ago just recently made the switch from 2.6.16 to a current kernel,
    >> and I'd expect that they are still using this (I can find out tommorrow
    >> if you want to know for sure). Vyatta likewise, I guess.
    > Yes, I'd like to know for sure; thanks.

    I'll let you know.

    >>> If nobody has any heartburn at dropping support for multiple
    >>> bonding instances on old distros, I'm as happy as anybody to remove all
    >>> of the multiple load logic from bonding. There's been plenty of time
    >>> for transitioning from "multiple load" to sysfs.
    >> In my opinion it would need a feature-removal-schedule announcement.
    > Yah, probably. The multiple load stuff was working fine as of,
    > oh, a year or two ago, so I wasn't worried so much about getting rid of
    > it. If it's causing problems, though, it's time for it to go (or be
    > scheduled to go in the not too distant future). Can't keep driving that
    > Ford Pinto forever.

    Well, if it has been broken for long enough, maybe we don't need
    a feature-removal-schedule warning.

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