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SubjectRe: Mild filesystem corruption on ext4 (no journal)
Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Alan Jenkins wrote:
>> Aioanei Rares wrote:
>>> I suspect, although I might be wrong, that this is not a kernel-related
>>> problem.
>> "To try and rule out a faulty userspace program, I marked the file as
>> read-only (chmod a-w) and immutable (chattr +i). After a reboot, the
>> file was still read-only and immutable, yet it still became corrupted."
>> Since the immutable bit is not respected, I tend to think it is a kernel
>> problem. Unless the filesystem isn't getting unmounted/flushed properly
>> for some reason... but I thought the modern kernel had that covered.
>> I agree it is very suspicious this happens only after upgrading libc.
>> I'll see if I can find an individual change in libc locale-handling that
>> might trigger this.
> Maybe you could try some things in your shutdown script, such as
> explicitly fsyncing the file, or bmapping it with filefrag, or dropping
> caches and rereading it... see what the state is just before the
> shutdown compared to after the reboot.
> -Eric

Dropping caches (and running sync first) had no effect on the result of
md5sum. Hopefully that narrows it down a bit.

Thanks to your prodding though, I have another interesting finding:

If I remove the corrupted file and copy a "known good" copy into it's
place, then the corruption doesn't happen. I've verified this a couple
of times. The corruption only occurs if the file was created by

I'll continue to try work out why :-).


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