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Subject[PATCH 57/62] Blackfin: push access_ok() L1 attribute down
There is no need for the L1 attribute to be on the prototype of the
access_ok() function as all consumers of the function do not care where it
lives -- they'll always use pcrel calls to get to it. This prevents
pointless recompiles of most of the system when this config option changes.

Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <>
arch/blackfin/include/asm/uaccess.h | 4 ----
arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c | 3 +++
2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/arch/blackfin/include/asm/uaccess.h b/arch/blackfin/include/asm/uaccess.h
index 01f42b0..8894e9f 100644
--- a/arch/blackfin/include/asm/uaccess.h
+++ b/arch/blackfin/include/asm/uaccess.h
@@ -59,12 +59,8 @@ static inline int is_in_rom(unsigned long addr)
static inline int _access_ok(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size) { return 1; }
-extern int _access_ok(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size)__attribute__((l1_text));
extern int _access_ok(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size);

* The exception table consists of pairs of addresses: the first is the
diff --git a/arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c b/arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c
index e040e03..30d0843 100644
--- a/arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c
+++ b/arch/blackfin/kernel/process.c
@@ -322,6 +322,9 @@ void finish_atomic_sections (struct pt_regs *regs)

/* Return 1 if access to memory range is OK, 0 otherwise */
int _access_ok(unsigned long addr, unsigned long size)

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