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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove memory.limit v.s. memsw.limit comparison.
* KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> [2009-06-04 14:10:43]:

> From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <>
> Removes memory.limit < memsw.limit at setting limit check completely.
> The limitation "memory.limit <= memsw.limit" was added just because
> it seems sane ...if memory.limit > memsw.limit, only memsw.limit works.
> But To implement this limitation, we needed to use private mutex and make
> the code a bit complated.
> As Nishimura pointed out, in real world, there are people who only want
> to use memsw.limit.
> Then, this patch removes the check. user-land library or middleware can check
> this in userland easily if this really concerns.
> And this is a good change to charge-and-reclaim.
> Now, memory.limit is always checked before memsw.limit
> and it may do swap-out. But, if memory.limit == memsw.limit, swap-out is
> finally no help and hits memsw.limit again. So, let's allow the condition
> memory.limit > memsw.limit. Then we can skip unnecesary swap-out.
> Signed-off-by: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <>

We can't change behaviour this way without breaking userspace scripts,
API and code. What does it mean for people already using these
features? Does it break their workflow?


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