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SubjectRe: [PATCH] exec: Make do_coredump more robust and safer when using pipes in core_pattern
Andi Kleen <> writes:

>> Andrew should I toss all 100 or so patches over the wall to you
>> and your -mm tree? Or should I maintain a public git tree based
>> at 2.6.31-rc1? Get it into linux-next and ask Linus to pull it when
>> the merge window comes?
> What do these 100 odd patches do exactly?

Mostly a fine grained killing of ctl_name, and strategy.

> I think DEFINE_SYSCTL()/ELF section would be the correct direction to go
> for all global variable sysctls.

Perhaps. I don't know how those data structures interact with
what we have in kernel and in modules.

> Then the binary sysctls could be handled by a global table
> in a separate file like you described

Getting the binary sysctl crud out of the core path should
happen first. That is just a handful of patches.

> For dynamically generated sysctls (relatively rare but there)
> the current interfaces are not great, but could be probably kept.

Things like register_sysctl_path can be greatly improved. Now
that we don't have to worry about the binary paths.

> That all doesn't really need 100 patches though.

If you want the patches to be small enough to be human readable it
takes a lot. If you want the patches to be CC'able to the appropriate
maintainers and you don't want to require them to weed through a bunch of
irrelevant code it takes a lot.

Typos are a real danger in an operation like this.


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