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    SubjectRe: 2.6.29+ NFS-Server Problem "reconnect_path: npd != pd"
    Sven Geggus, el 19 de junio a las 14:46 me escribiste:
    > Mathias Kretschmer schrieb am Freitag, den 19. Juni um 14:14 Uhr:
    > > For a while my server has been running fine after the upgrade to 2.6.30.
    > > My NFS/diskless desktop worked just fine. Then yesterday evening suddenly the
    > > first "reconnect_path: npd != pd" messages popped up. Sometime during the
    > > night the frequency of those messages showing up increased to > 100 msgs/sec
    > > in average.
    > More or less the same here. My client machine (2.6.30) however worked just
    > for a few hours. It does however work fine using the older Kernel (2.6.27.x)
    > on the Server.
    > This is also XFS+NFS here. I will also attach the associated .config of the
    > Kernel.

    Hi, I want to confirm that I'm still having this problem in 2.6.30. I'm
    using Debian (unstable) too, and the exported fs is XFS.

    Here is a related bug report:

    Leandro Lucarella (luca) | Blog colectivo:
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