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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Added CONFIG_VFAT_FS_DUALNAMES option
    Date writes:

    > hpa wrote:
    > > However, as such it really should be paired with a "don't even recognize
    > > the shortname if a longname exists" option.
    > Right, we could just skip the 8.3 name matching and go straight to the
    > longname match in fat_search_long(). I wonder if anyone ever relies on
    > the 8.3 matching when a file has a long name on Linux?

    Wine or such is using it.

    > > It's also questionable IMO if this shouldn't be another FAT superdriver,
    > > just as we have VFAT, MS-DOS etc. we could have "purevfat".
    > It would be only a few lines of code difference between the two
    > drivers - is it worth the maintainence overhead of splitting it up?
    > Maybe a mount option to ignore 8.3 names for files with long names
    > would be better? Perhaps even the default?

    It sounds like to be start of yet another UMSDOS with minimal one. I
    wouldn't like to repeat UMSDOS history, i.e. I think it needs real users
    and developers. If not, I wouldn't like to add.

    OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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