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SubjectRe: [dm-devel] Re: [2.6.31-rc1] device-mapper: target device sda6 is misaligned
>>>>> "Frans" == Frans Pop <> writes:

Frans> I've just also tested rc1 in the Hercules s390 emulator, and I
Frans> get exactly the same there on a virtual dasd disk:

Frans> dasd-eckd 0.0.0121: New DASD 3390/02 (CU 3990/02) with 1113
Frans> cylinders, 15 heads, 224 sectors dasd-eckd 0.0.0121: DASD with 4
Frans> KB/block, 801360 KB total size, 48 KB/track, compatible disk

DASD uses 4KB blocks so that makes more sense.

The SATA thing is weird.

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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