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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fread does not return negative on error
Alex Riesen <> writes:

> 2009/6/24 Ingo Molnar <>:
>> +Here is an (incomplete!) list of main contributors to those files
>> +in util/* and elsewhere:
>> +
>> + Alex Riesen
> Wow. But I actually think it may be more fair to sort the list after
> any kind of rating (even something as dumb as commit count).
> As everyone one the list knows, I am nowhere near a "major contributor"
> to the project, as the first place may imply to a casual reader.

Heh, it was kind of obvious to a casual reader that the list was sorted
alphabetically by the first name (unusual, eh?).

And no, you are indeed a valuable contributor to the git project.


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