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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] make mapped executable pages the first class citizen

    Okay, I've bisected it down to a narrow range of 60 commits, which include
    various mm patches from Fengguang and Rik.

    bad: b8d9a86590fb334d28c5905a4c419ece7d08e37d
    good: 03347e2592078a90df818670fddf97a33eec70fb

    The bad one is definitely bad; the good one is very probably good (the V4L
    commit list branched from there, and survived about 40 iterations of LTP
    without coughing up an OOM).

    I've attached my bisection log to this point, and I'm continuing trying to
    narrow it down.

    git bisect visualise produces a nice linear list of commits between the bounds
    it's currently working. Is there any way to produce that as a text dump?

    git bisect start
    # bad: [c868d550115b9ccc0027c67265b9520790f05601] mm: Move pgtable_cache_init() earlier
    git bisect bad c868d550115b9ccc0027c67265b9520790f05601
    # good: [300df7dc89cc276377fc020704e34875d5c473b6] Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://
    git bisect good 300df7dc89cc276377fc020704e34875d5c473b6
    # good: [e1f5b94fd0c93c3e27ede88b7ab652d086dc960f] Merge git://
    git bisect good e1f5b94fd0c93c3e27ede88b7ab652d086dc960f
    # bad: [b8d9a86590fb334d28c5905a4c419ece7d08e37d] Documentation/accounting/getdelays.c intialize the variable before using it
    git bisect bad b8d9a86590fb334d28c5905a4c419ece7d08e37d

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