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SubjectRe: New IDE maintainer (was Re: cmd64x: irq 14: nobody cared - system is dreadfully slow)
> There are a handful of IDE drivers not yet ported over to libata, all 
> !x86 drivers; maybe there's an odd ARM platform or two in there, I
> haven't checked recently.

There are several drivers that are not supported in libata (and several
only in libata, and several that work better in one than the other for
reasons nobody can figure sometimes)

Biggest legacy hanger on is the older PowerMac boxes because both people
who planned to do the driver had the mac they were using simply die of
old age on them.

sgiioc4 is another obvious "modern machine" case. The rest are pretty
obscure (eg mac68K drivers and IDE VLB drivers most of which don't
actually work in the old IDE code even though there is code)

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