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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/21] ceph: Ceph distributed file system client v0.9
    On Fri, 19 Jun 2009, Greg KH wrote:
    > On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 03:31:21PM -0700, Sage Weil wrote:
    > > This is a patch series for v0.9 of the Ceph distributed file system
    > > client (against v2.6.30).
    > >
    > > Greg, the first patch in the series creates an fs/staging/ directory.
    > > This is analogous to drivers/staging/ (not built by allyesconfig,
    > > modpost will mark the module with 'staging', etc.), except you can
    > > find it under the File Systems section (and it doesn't get hidden
    > > along with drivers/ on UML).
    > >
    > > If that looks reasonable, I would love to see this go into the staging
    > > tree. The remaining patches add Ceph at fs/staging/ceph.
    > No, please put "staging" filesystems at drivers/staging/ where the other
    > filesystems that are in "staging" shape are.
    > This is due to some core changes needed to mark such modules as
    > "TAINT_CRAP", and to make it obvious who is to blame for such crap :)

    Ah, okay. I thought this modpost.c change would be enough to accomplish
    that, but I didn't look too closely:

    @@ -1721,8 +1721,10 @@ static void add_header(struct buffer *b, struct
    module *mod)
    void add_staging_flag(struct buffer *b, const char *name)
    static const char *staging_dir = "drivers/staging";
    + static const char *fsstaging_dir = "fs/staging";

    - if (strncmp(staging_dir, name, strlen(staging_dir)) == 0)
    + if (strncmp(staging_dir, name, strlen(staging_dir)) == 0 ||
    + strncmp(fsstaging_dir, name, strlen(fsstaging_dir)) == 0)
    buf_printf(b, "\nMODULE_INFO(staging, \"Y\");\n");

    Are the core changes onerous? If you don't object in principle, it would
    be nice if staging file systems were easier to find.


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