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    Subject[PULL REQUEST] md updates for 2.6.31

    Hi Linus,
    here is the merge-window pull request for md.

    The only real functional change is that we now support non-power-of-2
    chunk sizes in raid0.
    Apart from that there is a lot of simplification and clean up in
    raid0 and linear, some minor refactorisation, and assorted bug fixes.


    The following changes since commit 45e3e1935e2857c54783291107d33323b3ef33c8:
    Linus Torvalds (1):
    Merge branch 'master' of git://

    are available in the git repository at:

    git:// for-linus

    Andre Noll (13):
    md: raid0: Replace hash table lookup by looping over all strip_zones.
    md: raid0: Remove hash table.
    md: raid0: Remove hash spacing and sector shift.
    md: raid0: Make raid0_run() return a proper error code.
    md: raid0: Allocate all buffers for the raid0 configuration in one function.
    md: raid0: Fix a memory leak when stopping a raid0 array.
    md: Make mddev->chunk_size sector-based.
    md: Convert mddev->new_chunk to sectors.
    md: convert conf->chunk_size and conf->prev_chunk to sectors.
    md/raid5: Use is_power_of_2() in raid5_reconfig()/raid6_reconfig().
    md: fix some comments.
    md: Push down reconstruction log message to personality code.
    md: Move check for bitmap presence to personality code.

    Dan Williams (1):
    md/raid5: add missing call to schedule() after prepare_to_wait()

    NeilBrown (14):
    md/raid0: two cleanups in create_stripe_zones.
    md: raid0: remove ->sectors from the strip_zone structure.
    md: raid0: remove ->dev pointer from strip_zone structure
    md: raid0: remove setting of segment boundary.
    md: remove mddev_to_conf "helper" macro
    md: raid0: chunk_sectors cleanups.
    md: raid5: check stripe cache is large enough in start_reshape
    md: remove unnecessary arguments from ->reconfig method.
    md: merge reconfig and check_reshape methods.
    md: move assignment of ->utime so that it never gets skipped.
    md: raid0/linear: ensure device sizes are rounded to chunk size.
    md: remove chunksize rounding from common code.
    md/linear: use call_rcu to free obsolete 'conf' structures.
    md/raid5: correctly update sync_completed when we reach max_resync

    Sandeep K Sinha (3):
    md: Removal of hash table in linear raid
    md: Removing num_sector and replacing start_sector with end_sector
    md: Binary search in linear raid

    SandeepKsinha (1):
    md linear: Protecting mddev with rcu locks to avoid races

    raz ben yehuda (7):
    md: have raid0 compile with MD_DEBUG on
    md: have raid0 report its formation
    md: raid0: chunk size check in raid0_run
    md: raid10: chunk size check in run
    md: raid5: chunk size check in setup_conf
    md: prepare for non-power-of-two chunk sizes
    md: raid0 :Enables chunk size other than powers of 2.

    drivers/md/faulty.c | 21 ++-
    drivers/md/linear.c | 218 ++++++++++--------------
    drivers/md/linear.h | 12 +-
    drivers/md/md.c | 196 +++++++++--------------
    drivers/md/md.h | 14 +-
    drivers/md/multipath.c | 23 ++-
    drivers/md/multipath.h | 6 -
    drivers/md/raid0.c | 403 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
    drivers/md/raid0.h | 10 +-
    drivers/md/raid1.c | 46 +++---
    drivers/md/raid1.h | 6 -
    drivers/md/raid10.c | 62 ++++---
    drivers/md/raid10.h | 6 -
    drivers/md/raid5.c | 218 +++++++++++++------------
    drivers/md/raid5.h | 8 +-
    include/linux/raid/md_p.h | 2 +-
    16 files changed, 588 insertions(+), 663 deletions(-)

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