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SubjectRe: [patch 2/2] RFC sched: Scale the nohz_tracker logic by making it per NUMA node
* <> [2009-06-17 11:26:51]:

> Having one idle CPU doing the rebalancing for all the idle CPUs in
> nohz mode does not scale well with increasing number of cores and
> sockets. Make the nohz_tracker per NUMA node. This results in multiple
> idle load balancing happening at NUMA node level and idle load balancer
> only does the rebalance domain among all the other nohz CPUs in that
> NUMA node.

This is a good optimisations but maybe an overkill for single chip
NUMA node machines like a two socket Nehalems or Optrons.

Some method to create load balancer group based on the scale of the
machine will be good.


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