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    SubjectQUESTION: can netdev_alloc_skb() errors be reduced by tuning?

    I submitted testcase for a hugepages bug that has been
    successfully resolved. Have an apparently obscure question
    related to MM, and so I am asking anyone who might have some idea
    on this. Nothing much turned up via Google and digging into
    the KMEM code looks daunting.

    Running Intel 82598/ixgbe 10 gig Ethernet under heavy stress.
    Generally is working well after tuning IRQ affinities, but a
    fair number of buffer allocation failures are occurring in the
    'ixgbe' device driver and are reported via 'ethtool' statistics.
    This may be causing data loss.

    The kernel primitive returning the error is netdev_alloc_skb().

    Are any tuneable parameters available that can reduce or
    eliminate these allocation failures? Have about eleven
    gigabytes of free memory, though most of that is consumed
    by non-dirty file cache data. Total system memory is 16GB with
    4GB allocated to hugepages. Zero swap usage and activity though
    swap is enabled. Most application memory is hugepage or is

    Thank you.

    System rebooted before test run.

    Dual Xeon E5430, 16GB FB-DIMM RAM.

    $ cat /proc/meminfo
    MemTotal: 16443828 kB
    MemFree: 281176 kB
    Buffers: 53896 kB
    Cached: 11331924 kB
    SwapCached: 0 kB
    Active: 200740 kB
    Inactive: 11284312 kB
    HighTotal: 0 kB
    HighFree: 0 kB
    LowTotal: 16443828 kB
    LowFree: 281176 kB
    SwapTotal: 2031608 kB
    SwapFree: 2031400 kB
    Dirty: 4 kB
    Writeback: 0 kB
    AnonPages: 104464 kB
    Mapped: 14644 kB
    Slab: 440452 kB
    PageTables: 4032 kB
    NFS_Unstable: 0 kB
    Bounce: 0 kB
    CommitLimit: 8156368 kB
    Committed_AS: 122452 kB
    VmallocTotal: 34359738367 kB
    VmallocUsed: 266872 kB
    VmallocChunk: 34359471043 kB
    HugePages_Total: 2048
    HugePages_Free: 735
    HugePages_Rsvd: 0
    Hugepagesize: 2048 kB

    # ethtool -S eth2 | egrep -v ': 0$'
    NIC statistics:
    rx_packets: 724246449
    tx_packets: 229847
    rx_bytes: 152691992335
    tx_bytes: 10573426
    multicast: 725997241
    broadcast: 6
    rx_csum_offload_good: 723051776
    alloc_rx_buff_failed: 7119
    tx_queue_0_packets: 229847
    tx_queue_0_bytes: 10573426
    rx_queue_0_packets: 340698332
    rx_queue_0_bytes: 70844299683
    rx_queue_1_packets: 385298923
    rx_queue_1_bytes: 82276167594

    ixgbe driver fragment
    struct sk_buff *skb = netdev_alloc_skb(adapter->netdev, bufsz);

    if (!skb) {
    goto no_buffers;

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