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    SubjectRe: [OOPS] [XEN] OOPS early after boot on master
    On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 18:55 -0400, Bryan Donlan wrote:
    > On further analysis, it seems that that's a red herring - disabling PV
    > spinlocks just makes it occur less often, I think... I'm currently
    > still bisecting it; it's complicated by other OOPS-causing bugs having
    > existed in the interim, but it definitely existed before the
    > introduction of CONFIG_PARAVIRT_SPINLOCKS.

    It's worth bearing in mind that prior to CONFIG_PARAVIRT_SPINLOCKS the
    pv spinlock functionality was already present but not optional so it's
    not unlikely that an issue with pv spinlocks could predate the addition
    of the option.


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