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SubjectRe: [PATCH][Fix] New Unified AVR32/AT91 MCI Driver that supports both MCI slots used at the same time
Haavard Skinnemoen :
> Nicolas Ferre wrote:
>>> Well, what is the best way to differentiate it from the at91_mci
>>> driver and keep users from trying to use both drivers?
>> I propose that we setup a kind of choice sub menu in the Kconfig for
>> those two drivers when they are both supported.
> Shouldn't it be enough to simply add
> depends on !THE_OTHER_DRIVER
> to both of them?

It does not seems to work...

> Btw, what are the long-term plans for this? Should the at91_mci driver
> be phased out once the atmel-mci driver supports all at91 and avr32
> devices?

In my opinion, it is a bit early to tell. My thoughts were that I
suspect we should keep at91_mci for at91rm9200 and at91sam9261/9261s as
they contain an older revision of the MCI IP. In the meantime, Rob tend
to integrate also code to manage those chips (without RDPROOF/WRPROOF

So, lets see how far we can go with the atmel-mci on at91 chips and
then, consider a phase out.

Nicolas Ferre

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