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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/22] HWPOISON: Intro (v5)
> My opinion is that it's way too late for .31 - your only chance
> is that Linus sometimes gets bored with playing safe, and decides
> to break his rules and try something out regardless - but I'd hope
> the bootmem business already sated his appetite for danger this time.

I see no consensus on it being worth merging, no testing, no upstream
integration shakedown, no builds on non-x86 boxes, no work with other
arch maintainers who have similar abilities and needs.

It belongs in next for a release or two while people work on it, while
things like PPC64 can plumb into it if they wish and while people work
out if its actually useful given that for most users it reduces the
reliability of the services they are providing rather than improving it.

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