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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] uio: add an of_genirq driver
    On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 12:00:22AM +0200, Wolfram Sang wrote:
    > > > For x86 it's not defined at all. But as this code is for the PowerPC,
    > >
    > > No, it isn't. What makes you say that? The Kconfig entry doesn't depend
    > > on PowerPC. I compiled it on x86...
    > It depends on OF. You could compile on x86? Have to check that...

    Ooops, forget it. It cannot be selected on x86. I was a bit distracted when
    I wrote that, sorry.

    > > > where using NO_IRQ seems still to be OK.
    > >
    > > No. uio_pdrv_genirq can be used on all platforms, and not all platforms have
    > > NO_IRQ. NO_IRQ can be used in platform specific code only.
    > Well, the wrapper uses irq_of_parse_and_map(). So far, it returns NO_IRQ if an
    > IRQ was not specified (or not found). I could check if there was an
    > interrupt-property at all, so I can distinguish between 'not specified' and
    > 'not found'. Then, UIO_IRQ_NONE would only be used, if there was none
    > specified. Otherwise it will always be the result from irq_of_parse_and_map(),
    > whatever that is (even NO_IRQ). Is this what you have in mind?

    I would find it better if probe() failed if no irq is specified, printing a
    message that tells the user to setup his data correctly before loading the
    driver. A user _has_ to setup irq, if there is none, he still has to set
    irq=UIO_IRQ_NONE. For that matter, 'not specified' and 'not found' is both
    the same bad thing.


    > Regards,
    > Wolfram
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