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SubjectRe: perf_counters: page fault trace record

* Paul Mackerras <> wrote:

> Corey Ashford writes:
> > One of the tools we are working on needs to be able to look not only at counts
> > of page faults, but where they are occurring (ip and faulting page address).
> >
> > What would you think about adding a new bit to the config record, something like:
> Can't you do what you need just using a page fault software
> counter with sample_type = PERF_SAMPLE_IP | PERF_SAMPLE_ADDR and
> sample_period = 1?

Yes, we should use a generic 'data address' field. A whole lot of
interesting events can live with that - only full-blown generic
tracepoints have more complex sample record formats.

Also, if this feature is added to pagefaults, please also add
support for it into tools/perf/, so that it gets tested/used.



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