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SubjectRe: [lm-sensors] [PATCH] hwmon: Add driver for VIA CPU core temperature=
> > 
> > Ah, 25 degrees C is room temperature - real hard for the junction
> > to be 25 degrees C with power applied; lacking an infinitely perfect
> >
> > Look for an "off by one" error in shifting or masking the value.
> there is no shifting and the masking is 0xffffffff :)
> it might be that the BIOS is doing something wrong when programming the
> calibration MSR's at early botoup. I would need the contents of MSR
> 0x1160 ... 0x116C as well as 0x1152 and 0x1153 to be able to determine

This is what I get on VB7002.. vith C7-D cpu:

DEBNAS:/home# sensors

Adapter: ISA adapter
Core 0: +27.0 C

DEBNAS:/home# for r in 0x1160 0x1161 0x1162 0x1163 0x1164 0x1165 0x1166
0x1168 0x1169 0x116a 0x116b 0x116c 0x1152 0x1153 ; do ./rdmsr $r ; done
MSR register 0x1160 => 08:04:98:10:b8:0b:6f:f4
MSR register 0x1161 => 08:04:98:10:b8:0a:8f:f4
MSR register 0x1162 => 08:04:98:10:b7:f7:7f:f4
MSR register 0x1163 => 08:04:98:10:b7:f1:1f:f4
MSR register 0x1164 => 08:04:98:10:b7:ee:cf:f4
MSR register 0x1165 => 08:04:98:10:b8:0b:4f:f4
MSR register 0x1166 => 08:04:98:10:b7:f7:7f:f4
MSR register 0x1167 => 08:04:98:10:b7:ef:8f:f4
MSR register 0x1168 => 08:04:98:10:b7:fc:3f:f4
MSR register 0x1169 => 08:04:98:10:b8:0d:6f:f4
MSR register 0x116a => 08:04:98:10:b7:f3:8f:f4
MSR register 0x116b => 08:04:98:10:b8:0b:bf:f4
MSR register 0x116c => 08:04:98:10:b8:00:6f:f4
MSR register 0x1152 => 08:04:98:10:b7:f2:2f:f4
MSR register 0x1153 => 08:04:98:10:b8:0b:3f:f4

Tomaz Mertelj

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