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SubjectRe: HTC Dream aka. t-mobile g1 support
> - I wait few days and if no comments, pile them into for-next
> - I send a pull request to you to keep things coordinated for arm

You don't even need that - you can decouple that further and there are
good reasons to do so to some extent.

> - If you want something merged earlier, you let know and send pull
> request
> I'm flexible, and willing to try other things if that helps you.
> But I think we (as arm community) should coordinate the arm patches
> ourselves. So I'd rather see you pull in stuff and send it to
> Linus rather than bug Linus with a pull request for stuff that
> he may not care too much about.

The sooner its in next the sooner its really visible. Whether Russell
pulls your tree for the final merge and resends it on or you do it
directly is fairly irrelevant to the final merge but you maximise
exposure if linux-next is directly pulling your trees and adding them
after the arm tree somewhere. If you get collisions Stephen will just
drop your tree while you fix it. Similarly if you end up with an overlap
where your patches end up in both trees git will figure it out itself.


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