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Subject/proc/uptime idle counter remains at 0

starting from v2.6.28-4930-g79741dd lasting thru at least v2.6.29.1,
the second field of /proc/uptime always shows 0.00. This happens for
both the typical i386 (my case) and on an ARM (according to Michael,

From the commit log of 79741dd:

"""The cpu time spent by the idle process actually doing
something is currently accounted as idle time. This is plain
wrong, the architectures that support VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING=y
can do better: distinguish between the time spent doing
nothing and the time spent by idle doing work. The first is
accounted with account_idle_time and the second with

Citing Michael from our irc conversation:

"""the writer[committer] [says] that [the] idle process time
isn't really idle time ... but that's all that /proc/uptime
looks at. I guess fs/proc/uptime.c needs to catch up."""

So, were the updates to uptime.c missed, or do we now live on with
/proc/uptime constantly having 0?


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