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SubjectRe: Linux wireless mini-summit -- Berlin, June 2009
On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Johannes Berg
<> wrote:
>> So, here I open the floor for discussion of agenda items for our
>> wireless meeting/hackfest.  What do we think is important to discuss
>> face-to-face this year?  What isn't getting done?  What is getting
>> done wrong?  What do we need that we didn't realize last year?
> I've tried to capture the discussion from here on the wiki:

Good idea.

> Feel free to edit and add suggestions

What about proper roaming support? I think it will be the thing we are
lacking after power save is finished. There was talk about having GSoC
project, what happened to it?

I'm interested about roaming, but I don't how much time if any I can
find for implementing it. But I could make a summary of all
discussions we have had here during the last year and maybe try to
start some discussion at the summit. What others think?

> or put yourself into "confirmed
> attendees" (do we want that? it seemed we should say who will be there)

It's nice to know in advance who will be there. So yes, at least I
want such a list :)

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