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Subjectusbutils 0.82 release
Here's the 0.82 release of usbutils.

Many bugs with autoconf were resolved to hopefully make it easier for
distros to find where the usb.ids file is dynamically. Wireless USB
device support was added, as well as other bugfixes. The full shortlog
is below.

The tarballs can be downloaded from at:

We've switched over to using git for development now, which makes things
much easier than the old cvs tree. The tree can be found on both and if you want to fork it and send us changes


greg k-h


Shortlog of changes since last release (0.81):

Aurelien Jarno (3):
lsusb: fix parsing of /proc/bus/usb/devices
lsusb(8): also suggests usbview(8)
lsusb(8): explain that -t option overrides -v

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
fix merge error that I missed.

Kay Sievers (5):
configure: default to /usr
substitute location in man page and update script
use DISTCLEANFILES and 'g' for 'sed'
add usbutils.pc file to point to database file
add usbutils.pc to .gitignore

Mike Frysinger (3):
configure: use AC_MSG_RESULT() rather than echo
fix handling of usb.ids.gz in the

王神 (1):
lsusb: add WUSB definitions and descriptor dumping

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