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SubjectRe: some kernel issues

[kernel 2.6.30-rc4-14-vanilla from openSuSE factory on top of
openSuSE 11.1]

With my 945GM intel graphics card, I don't get TTYs which I could
switch to with Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F1, for example, after X has started.
Only F7 to switch back to graphics mode works fine. In particular, I
don't see any boot messages at start-up. This has worked fine with a
previous kernel like

Are there new boot parameters to add or is this a bug? It seems that
`vga=0x31a' fails (which openSuSE's yast installer provides) since
without it I can see boot messages.

BTW, for `vga=0x31a' I get

Console: colour dummy device 80x25

in the log file, while without this parameter I get

Console: colour VGA+ 80x25


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