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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/19] periodic write-back timer optimization
    Jens Axboe wrote:
    > On Wed, May 27 2009, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
    >> ext Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    >>> On Wednesday 27 May 2009, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
    >>>> Hi,
    >>>> This is the second attempt. The first one was here:
    >>>> It was very hacky and got no comments.
    >>> How does this relate to the per-BDI writeback patches that
    >>> Jens is working on? Doesn't that require a completely different
    >>> (probably simpler) implementation of your patch?
    >> At a quick glance, our works do not intersect. He seems
    >> to be changing the guts of write-back, while I only touch
    >> the timer which wakes up the periodic write-back thread,
    >> nothing else. I'll try to take Jens' patches and see.
    > There's definitely overlap! The timer is gone with my patches and so is
    > pdflush. For an idle (idle here meaning no background writeback
    > activity) system, there should just be bdi-default running. And that
    > will wake up every dirty_writeback_interval by default.

    Hmm, right. Will be working on top of your patches then.

    Best Regards,
    Artem Bityutskiy (Артём Битюцкий)
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