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    SubjectRe: [Bug #13371] s2disk hangs with kernel 2.6.29 and later, SATA, Gigabyte EG45M-DS2H

    this bug is still present, but so far (despite lots of useful help by
    Bartlomiej) I have been unable to bisect the issue.

    We took some of the discussion off-list - here is a summary, with some new
    results at the end:

    * I originally bisected the bug and identified this patch as the culprit:
    295f00042aaf6b553b5f37348f89bab463d4a469: ide: don't execute the next
    queued command from the hard-IRQ context (v2)

    * The fix for 295f000 (2ea5521: ide: fix suspend regression) did not fix my
    problem either.

    * After some mails, I switched to CONFIG_IDE=n in the config I use for
    testing (was CONFIG_IDE=m before), because the problem still occurred in
    that case. The result of this:
    295f000 (ide: don't execute the next queued command from the hard-IRQ
    context (v2)): ***Works*** with CONFIG_IDE=n
    2ea5521 (ide: fix suspend regression): Hangs with CONFIG_IDE=n
    1406de8 (2.6.30-rc6): Hangs with CONFIG_IDE=n

    I also disconnected my second (PATA) disk at that point, since it does not
    influence the bug. So my system is SATA-only, both the (single) hard disk
    and my DVD writer are SATA.

    * I bisected 295f000..2ea5521 and ended up at this as the first bad commit:
    9ea09af3bd3090e8349ca2899ca2011bd94cda85: stop_machine: introduce stop_machine_create/destroy.
    This turns out to be a bug that was fixed by
    a0e280e0f33f6c859a235fb69a875ed8f3420388: stop_machine/cpu hotplug: fix disable_nonboot_cpus

    * a0e280e worked for me, so (with increasing grumpiness;) I bisected
    a0e280e..2ea5521. This bisect didn't work, I ended up with a reported "bad"
    commit which was clearly not the problem. The configs and bisect log are at
    The bisect log lines with "OK" mean that I went back and booted the kernel
    a second time, to make sure I hadn't mixed something up. But the second
    tries all had the same result as the first.

    * Bart analysed that part of the history and suggested trying out 73d5931,
    and if that worked, bisecting 73d5931..2ea5521.

    Today I re-tried both 73d5931 and 2ea5521, and it turns out that in both
    cases, s2disk hangs. :-|

    By chance, I noticed that the behaviour during the hang is different from
    what I reported before, at least with these two versions. Initially, I
    said that the system would hang after the "s2disk: Snapshotting system"
    with a blinking cursor.
    It turns out that actually it hangs for quite a while (maybe 2 minutes?)
    and only then starts to perform the s2disk!! The last lines written are
    "s2disk: Compression ratio 0.24" or similar, and then a line containing
    just "S¦". Afterwards, the system does *not* power off as it usually does,
    but just seems to hang again. (I think I waited for a few minutes, but
    nothing happened.)

    Since the last, third bisect did not work, I'm at a loss what to try next.



    __ _
    |_) /| Richard Atterer
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