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Subjectproblem with sata_sil24: PCI fault or device removal?
I have a box here running 2.6.26 x86_64 normally (also tested with 2.6.29, and going to test with later versions too) that has major issues with SATA. I'm not sure which things are causes and which things are side effects, so I'm just going to list symptoms.

I'm happy to use this machine for debugging, but I'm not subscribed to lkml. If you could please CC me on responses that would help a lot.

- The first error I usually see is:

sata_sil24: PCI fault or device removal?

- In some cases I've had the box hard-lock (no magic SysRq response or anything) with no errors.

- Booting a live OS with 2.6.25 @ 32bit seems to be just fine, but this could be a side effect of 32 vs 64bit. Not sure yet.

- SMART commands might make the situation worse. I was using smartmontools to run long self-tests on the drives every sunday, and tends to crash on sunday around the time of the long test starting. I was also using hddtemp and it got a little less frequent when I removed that.

- Lots of IO does make it worse. dd if=/dev/sdwhatever of=/dev/null can get it to start spewing errors within a minute usually.

- Logs and command outputs are at:

lspci -vvv:
console output during a crash:

If anyone has time to help, it would be much appreicated. I'm able and willing to collect any other information you might want.



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