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    SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] xen /proc/mtrr implementation
    Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > This is really about what software Xen wants to support though. You
    > can say, "it would be easier for you to just support new software that
    > doesn't use MTRRs," and you might be right, but supporting older stuff
    > doesn't appear that difficult, and it sounds like something they want
    > to do.

    My rough target is that you should be able to take a pvops-dom0 kernel
    and use it to replace the 2.6.18-xen (or other patched up -xen) kernel
    on an existing server installation without having to replace very much
    (or anything) else. In practise that means making it work in something
    like RHEL 5 or SLES 10(?) environment. That seems to be what at least
    some of my testers are doing.

    Of course, most of the deployments will be with whatever new distro
    ships with the kernel. But that doesn't mean we can write-off the old
    stuff. (I think AKPM still tests current kernels on something like FC1
    or 2 to check for general kernel/distro regressions.)


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