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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] zone_reclaim_mode is always 0 by default
nit fix.

> In general, the feature of workload depended don't fit default option.
> we can't know end-user run what workload anyway.
> Fortunately (or Unfortunately), typical workload and machine size had

typical workload and machine size and remote node distance

> significant mutuality.
> Thus, the current default setting calculation had worked well in past days.
> Now, it was breaked. What should we do?
> Yanmin, We know 99% linux people use intel cpu and you are one of
> most hard repeated testing guy in lkml and you have much test.
> May I ask your tested machine and benchmark?
> if zone_reclaim=0 tendency workload is much than zone_reclaim=1 tendency workload,
> we can drop our afraid and we would prioritize your opinion, of cource.
> thanks.

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