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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] drivers/ide Convert printk(KERN_<foo> to pr_<foo>(
    On Monday 18 May 2009 04:21:08 Joe Perches wrote:
    > Mostly mechanical conversion of printk's


    Hmm.. less mechanical conversion using also dev_*() macros where suitable
    would be much better...

    > Joe Perches (6):
    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_DEBUG to pr_debug(

    How's about fixing pr_devel() which currently doesn't seem to be used
    by anything inside kernel to not depend on DEBUG in separate pre-patch
    and then using it instead of pr_debug()?

    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_INFO to pr_info(
    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_ERR to pr_err(
    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_WARNING to pr_warning(
    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_CONT to pr_cont(
    > drivers/ide: Convert printk(KERN_NOTICE to pr_notice(

    Please re-do it so we have per-file patches instead of per-pr_.

    Preferably with some files grouped together so we have only three patches:

    * core code: ide-acpi.c, ide-atapi.c, ide.c, ide-devsets.c, ide-dma*.c,
    ide-eh.c, ide-io*.c, ide-legacy.c, ide-lib.c, ide-park.c, ide-pio*.c,
    ide-pm.c, ide-probe.c, ide-proc.c, ide-scan-pci.c, ide-sysfs.c,
    ide-taskfile.c, ide-timings.c, ide-xfer-mode.c and setup-pci.c

    * device drivers: ide-cd*, ide-disk*, ide-gd*, ide-floppy* and ide-tape.c

    * host drivers: all the rest

    It would make patches easier to review and would greatly help when it
    comes to merging them (i.e. I could apply changes to host drivers right
    know but I don't want to interfere too much with the on-going work on
    device drivers).


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