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SubjectRe: [tracing] ring_buffer question
On Sun, 2009-05-17 at 17:08 -0400, Jon Masters wrote:

> Is there any reason you can think of why we don't just generalize
> kernel/trace/ring_buffer into kernel/ring_buffer, remove the static
> per_cpu buffer allocation and have this available for non-tracing?

Ignore the latter point - I realize that I can use ring_buffer_alloc,
etc. quite happily. I am doing that now in my smi_detector rewrite. But
I still think the RB is a little too tracing specific - so, perhaps we
can move it out of kernel/trace. I'll write up something once I've
figured out this stuff to go along with the excellent trace docs since
the generic ring buffer implementation is really quite sexy stuff.

[thinking out loud] Does the global disable stuff also disable other
non-tracing ring buffers?


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