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    SubjectLinux 2.6.30-rc6

    Another week, another -rc.

    Things definitely are calming down, with just about 300 commits in the
    last week. And most of them are pretty small too, although the powerpc
    updates brought some defconfig changes that look largish.

    Somewhat unusually, the dirstat shows filesystems with as much changes as
    drivers - we had some nilfs2 and reiserfs updates there, along with some
    mostly trivial vfs layer cleanups. We had a BKL pushdown in the umount
    paths, for example (that will hopefully make it easier to then merge the
    BKL removal patches for reiserfs during the next merge window).

    On the arch side, apart from the powerpc things, we have soem cris and
    MIPS updates. The bulk of the cris updates was merging the compressed boot
    code across chris-v10 and chris-v32, so the diffs there look bigger than
    they really were.

    On the driver front, there's some sata updates, some i915 graphics
    updates, and various other small things sprinkled all over. Some sound
    driver updates too, although most of those seem to be the davinci stuff
    (from the arm merge last -rc), so most people won't notice or care.

    And we've hopefully fixed a number of regressions. Please remind people
    (me very much included) of all the ones that you still see - I've been
    missing Rafael's regular regression summaries ;(


    Adrian Batzill (1):
    Input: atkbd - add force release keys quirk for Amilo Xi 3650

    Al Viro (11):
    Always lookup priv_root on reiserfs mount and keep it
    New helper: deactivate_locked_super()
    Convert obvious places to deactivate_locked_super()
    Fix a leak in failure exit in 9p ->get_sb()
    Fix deadlock in ipathfs ->get_sb()
    Reduce path_lookup() abuses
    Make open_exec() and sys_uselib() use may_open(), instead of duplicating its parts
    Switch open_exec() and sys_uselib() to do_open_filp()
    switch ufs directories to ufs_sync_file()
    Fix races around the access to ->s_options
    Fix the race between capifs remount and node creation

    Alan Cox (2):
    ata_piix: ICH7 does not support correct MWDMA timings
    ata_piix: The Sony TZ90 needs the cable type hardcoding

    Alan Stern (3):
    USB: Gadget: fix UTF conversion in the usbstring library
    usb-serial: ftdi_sio: fix reference counting of ftdi_private
    HID: add NOGET quirk for devices from CH Products

    Alessio Igor Bogani (1):
    vfs: umount_begin BKL pushdown

    Alexander Beregalov (1):
    viocd: needs to depend on BLOCK

    Alexander Duyck (1):
    igb: resolve panic on shutdown when SR-IOV is enabled

    Andre Przywara (1):
    KVM: SVM: Fix cross vendor migration issue with unusable bit

    Andreas Schwab (1):
    iwlwifi: remove EXPORT_SYMBOL for static symbol

    Andy Adamson (1):
    nfsd41: slots are freed with session

    Andy Lutomirski (1):
    USB: Fix makefile so that CONFIG_WDM and CONFIG_TMC work.

    Aneesh Kumar K.V (3):
    ext4: Fix sub-block zeroing for writes into preallocated extents
    ext4: Use a fake block number for delayed new buffer_head
    ext4: Clear the unwritten buffer_head flag after the extent is initialized

    Anton Vorontsov (1):
    powerpc/fsl_soc: Remove mpc83xx_wdt_init, again

    Arnd Bergmann (1):
    syscalls.h add the missing sys_pipe2 declaration

    Ashish Karkare (1):
    net: remove stale reference to fastroute from Kconfig help text

    Atsushi Nemoto (4):
    MIPS: RBTX4939: Fix typo in system name
    MIPS: Do not include seccomp.h from compat.h
    MIPS: Synchronize dma_map_page and dma_map_single
    MIPS: TXx9: Fix possible overflow in clock calculations

    Avi Kivity (3):
    KVM: Fix NX support reporting
    KVM: Make EFER reads safe when EFER does not exist
    KVM: SVM: Remove port 80 passthrough

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
    pata_pdc202xx_old: fix UDMA33 handling

    Becky Bruce (1):
    powerpc: Allow mem=x cmdline to work with 4G+

    Ben Nizette (1):
    ipu_idmac: Use disable_irq_nosync() from within irq handlers.

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt (2):
    powerpc/pseries: Really fix the oprofile CPU type on pseries
    powerpc: Fix PCI ROM access

    Benjamin Krill (1):
    serial/nwpserial: Fix wrong register read address and add interrupt acknowledge.

    Bob Copeland (1):
    ath5k: update channel in sw state after stopping RX and TX

    Borislav Petkov (1):
    libata: fix suspend/resume for ATA SEMB devices

    Carl Worth (1):
    drm/i915: Add new GET_PIPE_FROM_CRTC_ID ioctl.

    Chris Mason (3):
    Btrfs: init inode ordered_data_close flag properly
    Btrfs: Don't loop forever on metadata IO failures
    Btrfs: remove some WARN_ONs in the IO failure path

    Chris Zankel (3):
    xtensa: Fix architecture specific Kconfig
    xtensa: Fix checksum header file
    xtensa: Fix linker script to include .literal sections

    Christoph Hellwig (1):
    romfs: cleanup romfs_fs.h

    Christoph Paasch (1):
    netfilter: ip6t_ipv6header: fix match on packets ending with NEXTHDR_NONE

    Clemens Ladisch (2):
    sound: serial-u16550: fix buffer overflow
    sound: via82xx: fix DXS volume range

    Coly Li (1):
    MIPS: Cavium: Add struct clocksource * argument to octeon_cvmcount_read()

    Dan Carpenter (1):
    Remove unreached code in drivers/net/mlx4/en_rx.c

    Dan Williams (1):
    dmatest: fix max channels handling

    Daniel Ribeiro (1):
    pxa2xx_spi: prevent panic case setup() fails

    Dave Hayes (1):
    Staging: rt2870: new device id

    Dave Liu (1):
    sata_fsl: Fix the command description of FSL SATA controller

    David Brownell (3):
    ASoC: davinci-pcm buildfixes
    ASoC: DaVinci I2S updates
    ASoC: DaVinci EVM board support buildfixes

    David Daney (2):
    MIPS: Compat: Use generic 32-bit wrapers for sys_timerfd_{g,s}ettime
    MIPS: Use force_sig when handling address errors.

    David Milburn (1):
    [libata] sata_sx4: fixup interrupt handling

    David S. Miller (1):
    ipv4: Make INET_LRO a bool instead of tristate.

    David Woodhouse (1):
    intel-iommu: PAE memory corruption fix

    Davide Libenzi (1):
    epoll: fix size check in epoll_create()

    Dmitri Vorobiev (4):
    MIPS: IP32: Two symbols can become static
    MIPS: IP32: ip32_be_handler symbol is needlessly defined global
    MIPS: IP32: Fix needlessly global symbols in arch/mips/sgi-ip32/ip32-irq.c
    MIPS: gbe: Make needlessly global symbols static in drivers/video/gbefb.c

    Doug Chapman (1):
    Squashfs: fix breakage when page size > metadata block size

    Eric Anholt (1):
    drm/i915: Don't allow binding objects into the last page of the aperture.

    Florian Westphal (1):
    bonding: fix panic if initialization fails

    Frank Rowand (1):
    kgdb: gdb documentation fix

    Gerhard Stenzel (1):
    powerpc/cell: Make ptcal more reliable

    Grant Likely (2):
    powerpc/boot: add simpleImage.* to clean-files list
    powerpc/virtex: Add uImage to the default images list

    Greg Kroah-Hartman (2):
    Revert driver core: move platform_data into platform_device
    Staging: comedi: David doesn't want to get comedi patches

    Guennadi Liakhovetski (1):
    dma: fix ipu_idmac.c to not discard the last queued buffer

    H Hartley Sweeten (1):
    NULL noise in fs/super.c:kill_bdev_super()

    Hans Verkuil (5):
    V4L/DVB (11668): ivtv: fix compiler warning.
    V4L/DVB (11669): uvc: fix compile warning
    V4L/DVB (11674): ivtv: fix incorrect bit tests
    V4L/DVB (11675): ivtv/radio: fix V4L2_TUNER_MODE/V4L2_TUNER_SUB confusion
    V4L/DVB (11679): cafe_ccic: fix sensor detection

    Harald Welte (1):
    viafb: make it work on x86_64

    Henrik Austad (1):
    Doc/sysfs-rules: Swap the order of the words so the sentence makes more sense

    Inaky Perez-Gonzalez (2):
    wimax: fix oops if netlink fails to add attribute
    wimax: oops: wimax_dev_add() is the only one that can initialize the state

    J. Bruce Fields (3):
    nfsd4: check for negative dentry before use in nfsv4 readdir
    lockd: fix list corruption on lockd restart
    nfsd: silence lockdep warning

    Jack Morgenstein (1):
    IB/mlx4: Don't overwrite fast registration page list when posting work request

    Jarod Wilson (1):
    drm/i915: ignore LVDS on intel graphics systems that lie about having it

    Jaroslav Kysela (1):
    ALSA: Release v1.0.20

    Jason Baron (1):
    Remove old PRINTK_DEBUG config item

    Jason Wessel (2):
    sysrq, intel_fb: fix sysrq g collision
    kgdb,i386: use address that SP register points to in the exception frame

    Jay Sternberg (1):
    iwlwifi: fix device id registration for 6000 series 2x2 devices

    Jean Delvare (1):
    fbdev: remove outdated advice about I2C configuration

    Jeff Garzik (1):
    [libata] sata_sx4: convert to new exception handling methods

    Jeff Layton (1):
    cifs: fix error handling in parse_DFS_referrals

    Jeff Mahoney (5):
    reiserfs: Expand i_mutex to enclose lookup_one_len
    reiserfs: fixup xattr_root caching
    reiserfs: dont associate security.* with xattr files
    reiserfs: remove privroot hiding in lookup
    dup2: Fix return value with oldfd == newfd and invalid fd

    Jens Axboe (1):
    Revert "mm: add /proc controls for pdflush threads"

    Jesper Nilsson (4):
    CRIS: Merge machine dependent boot/compressed and boot/rescue
    CRISv32: Remove obsolete vcs_hook.o from Makefile
    CRIS: Wire up syscalls signalfd4 to writev.
    CRISv32: Fix typo compile error in ARTPEC-3 gpio driver.

    Jesse Barnes (2):
    drm/i915: automatically select FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE if !EMBEDDED
    drm/i915: sanity check IER at wait_request time

    Jinyoung Park (1):
    ASoC: Fix errors in WM8990

    Jiri Slaby (2):
    mac80211: minstrel, fix memory corruption
    mac80211: pid, fix memory corruption

    Joel Becker (1):
    ocfs2: Use nd_set_link().

    Johannes Berg (2):
    mac80211: correct fragmentation threshold check
    cfg80211: fix truncated IEs

    Johannes Weiner (2):
    xtensa: always use correct stack pointer for stack traces
    xtensa: register gpio chip before use

    John Linn (1):
    powerpc/virtex: Fix duplicate level irq events.

    John W. Linville (3):
    airo: airo_get_encode{,ext} potential buffer overflow
    mac80211: avoid NULL ptr deref when finding max_rates in PID and minstrel
    rtl8187: use DMA-aware buffers with usb_control_msg

    Jussi Kivilinna (1):
    Input: ff-memless - fix signed to unsigned bit overflow

    Kazuhisa Ichikawa (1):
    block: fix the bio_vec array index out-of-bounds test

    Keith Packard (2):
    drm/i915: x86 always has writeq. Add I915_READ64 for symmetry.
    drm/i915: save/restore fence registers across suspend/resume

    Kevin D. Kissell (2):
    MIPS: SMTC: Bring set/clear/change_c0_## return value semantics uptodate.
    MIPS: SMTC: Fix xxx_clockevent_init() naming conflict for SMTC

    Kim Kyuwon (1):
    rtc: rtc-twl4030 don't mask alarm interrupts on suspend

    Krzysztof Hałasa (2):
    IXP4xx: use "ENODEV" instead of "ENOSYS" in module initialization. ENOSYS makes modutils complain about missing kernel module support.
    IXP4xx: complete Ethernet netdev setup before calling register_netdev().

    Kumar Gala (7):
    powerpc/83xx: Update defconfigs
    powerpc/85xx: Update defconfigs
    powerpc/86xx: Update defconfigs
    powerpc/embedded6xx: Update defconfigs
    powerpc/8xx: Update defconfigs
    powerpc/mpic: Fix incorrect allocation of interrupt rev-map
    sata_fsl: Fix compile warnings

    Larry Finger (1):
    Staging: rtl8187se: Fix compilation warnings and procfs directory leak

    Lennert Buytenhek (1):
    net: update skb_recycle_check() for hardware timestamping changes

    Li Hong (1):
    Btrfs: remove outdated comment in btrfs_ioctl_resize()

    Linus Torvalds (2):
    Revert "Ignore madvise(MADV_WILLNEED) for hugetlbfs-backed regions"
    Linux 2.6.30-rc6

    Luis R. Rodriguez (3):
    cfg80211: fix race condition with wiphy_apply_custom_regulatory()
    cfg80211: fix bug while trying to process beacon hints on init
    cfg80211: fix comment on regulatory hint processing

    Ma Ling (3):
    drm/i915: Use the GM45 VGA hotplug workaround on G45 as well.
    drm/i915: Include 965GME pci ID in IS_I965GM(dev) to match UMS.
    drm/i915: Set HDMI hot plug interrupt enable for only the output in question.

    Maciej Sosnowski (1):
    ioatdma: fix "ioatdma frees DMA memory with wrong function"

    Manish Katiyar (1):
    Make shut up on fs/inode.c

    Manuel Lauss (4):
    MIPS: Alchemy: Fix AU1100 interrupt numbers off-by-one
    MIPS: Alchemy: Add missing Au1200 GPIO203 interrupt
    MIPS: au1xxx-ide: Fix build with CONFIG_PM
    MIPS: Alchemy: Timer build fix

    Marcel Holtmann (4):
    Bluetooth: Move dev_set_name() to a context that can sleep
    Bluetooth: Fix wrong module refcount when connection setup fails
    Bluetooth: Don't use hci_acl_connect_cancel() for incoming connections
    Bluetooth: Don't trigger disconnect timeout for security mode 3 pairing

    Mark Brown (1):
    i2c: Enable i2c-s3c2410 for S3C64XX too

    Mark Ware (1):
    i2c-cpm: Pass dev ptr to dma_*_coherent rather than NULL

    Martin K. Petersen (2):
    libata: Report disk alignment and physical block size
    libata: Media rotation rate and form factor heuristics

    Martin Michlmayr (1):
    sata_mv: use new sata phy register settings for new devices

    Matthew Wilcox (1):
    PCI MSI: Fix MSI-X with NIU cards

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
    V4L/DVB (11680): cafe_ccic: use = instead of == for setting a value at a var

    Maynard Johnson (1):
    powerpc: Fix oprofile sampling of marked events on POWER7

    Mel Gorman (1):
    Remove implementation of readpage from the hugetlbfs_aops

    Michael Chan (1):
    bnx2: Fix panic in bnx2_poll_work().

    Mike Rapoport (2):
    ASoC: soc-core: fix crash when removing not instantiated card
    pxa2xx-ac97: fix reset gpio mode setting

    Miklos Szeredi (1):
    fuse: destroy bdi on error

    Ming Lei (2):
    Revert driver core: fix passing platform_data
    V4L/DVB (11575): uvcvideo: fix uvc resume failed

    Nicolas Pitre (1):
    USB: ftdi_sio: add vendor/product id for the Marvell SheevaPlug

    Oskar Schirmer (3):
    xtensa: fix wrong extern declaration renamed in code using it
    xtensa: implement ccount calibration for s6000
    xtensa: update s6105_defconfig for ccount calibration

    Pablo Neira Ayuso (2):
    netfilter: xt_cluster: fix use of cluster match with 32 nodes
    netfilter: ctnetlink: fix wrong message type in user updates

    Patrick McHardy (2):
    netfilter: add missing linux/types.h include to xt_LED.h
    net-sched: fix bfifo default limit

    Pekka Enberg (1):
    Staging: w35und: unregister device from the ieee80211 stack upon ->disconnect()

    Phil Dibowitz (1):
    USB: unusual_devs: extend nokia 6288 bcd range

    Phillip Lougher (2):
    Squashfs: check page size is not larger than the filesystem block size
    Squashfs: cody tidying, remove commented out line in Makefile

    Ralf Baechle (14):
    MIPS: Print the actual detected I-cache associativity on bootup.
    MIPS: Fix build error if CONFIG_CEVT_R4K is undefined.
    MIPS: Enable CLO / CLZ instructions via separate CPU property
    MIPS: Cavium: Add support for 8k and 32k page sizes.
    MIPS: Kconfig: Delete duplicate definition of RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK.
    MIPS: Make access_ok() sideeffect proof.
    MIPS: Make uaccess.h slightly more sparse friendly.
    MIPS: uaccess: Switch lock annotations to might_fault().
    MIPS: IP27: Get rid of #ident. Gcc 4.4.0 doesn't like it.
    MIPS: Set compiler options only after the compiler prefix has ben set.
    MIPS: Use -mno-check-zero-division
    MIPS: Fix sign-extension bug in 32-bit kernel on 32-bit hardware.
    MIPS: Fix highmem.
    MIPS: Rewrite <asm/div64.h> to work with gcc 4.4.0.

    Randy Dunlap (2):
    Driver core: platform: fix kernel-doc warnings
    ALSA: pcsp: fix printk format warning

    Reinette Chatre (1):
    iwlwifi: update key flags at time key is set

    Roel Kluin (3):
    i2c-pxa.c: timeouts off by 1
    ROMFS: romfs_dev_read() error ignored
    ALSA: riptide: postfix increment and off by one

    Ryusuke Konishi (6):
    nilfs2: fix possible recovery failure due to block creation without writer
    nilfs2: fix circular locking dependency of writer mutex
    nilfs2: ensure to clear dirty state when deleting metadata file block
    nilfs2: fix possible circular locking for get information ioctls
    nilfs2: fix lock order reversal in nilfs_clean_segments ioctl
    nilfs2: check size of array structured data exchanged via ioctls

    Sage Weil (1):
    Btrfs: make show_options result match actual option names

    Sankar P (1):
    Btrfs: Spelling fix in btrfs_lookup_first_block_group comments

    Shane McDonald (3):
    MIPS: MSP71xx: Resolve multiple definition of plat_timer_setup
    MIPS: MSP71xx: Resolve use of non-existent GPIO routines in msp71xx reset
    MIPS: MSP71xx: Remove the RAMROOT functions

    Shaohua Li (1):
    drm/i915: workaround IGD i2c bus issue in kernel side (v2)

    Simon Arlott (1):
    USB: cxacru: Fix negative dB output

    Simon Horman (1):
    ipvs: Fix IPv4 FWMARK virtual services

    Stephen Rothwell x (1):
    powerpc/iseries: Fix pci breakage due to bad dma_data initialization

    Steve Wise (3):
    svcrdma: Fix dma map direction for rdma read targets
    RDMA/cxgb3: Don't complete flushed send work requests twice
    svcrdma: clean up error paths.

    Steven Toth (1):
    V4L/DVB (11664): cx23885: Frontend wasn't locking on HVR-1500

    Steven Whitehouse (1):
    GFS2: Fix glock ref counting bug

    Sukadev Bhattiprolu (1):
    devpts: correctly set default options

    Takashi Iwai (1):
    ALSA: hda - Fix line-in on Mac Mini Core2 Duo

    Tejun Heo (3):
    libata: fix attach error handling
    libata: clear ering on resume
    alpha: unbreak percpu again

    Theodore Ts'o (1):
    ext4: Fix race in ext4_inode_info.i_cached_extent

    Thierry Reding (1):
    Input: tsc2007 - fix locking in hrtimer handler

    Thomas Bogendoerfer (2):
    MIPS: IP27: Fix clash with NMI_OFFSET from hardirq.h
    MIPS: Sibyte: Fix locking in set_irq_affinity

    Tim Cole (1):
    Input: joydev - blacklist digitizers

    Timur Tabi (1):
    powerpc: Fix mktree build error on Mac OS X host

    Trent Piepho (3):
    V4L/DVB (11660): zoran: fix bug when enumerating format -1
    V4L/DVB (11661): v4l2-ioctl: Check buffer types using g_fmt instead of try_fmt
    V4L/DVB (11662): v4l2-ioctl: Clear buffer type specific trailing fields/padding

    Vitaly Mayatskikh (1):
    Avoid world-writable sysfs files in libata driver.

    Wolfgang Grandegger (1):
    i2c-mpc: bug fix for MPC52xx clock setting and printout

    Zhang Le (2):
    MIPS: Add Loongson cpu-feature-overrides.h
    MIPS: Loongson 2 needs no hazard barriers.

    Zhang, Yanmin (1):
    PCI: Fix pci-e port driver slot_reset bad default return value

    Zoltan Karcagi (1):
    HID: fix dropped device-specific quirks (1):
    fs: dcache fix LRU ordering
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