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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 11/18] swim: dequeue in-flight request

    Tejun Heo wrote:

    >> And without duplication:
    > Similar response as the if/else one on the other thread. Is it really
    > any significantly better? The 'duplication' here is basically one
    > liner

    Not true, it's 3-liner. I wouldn't bother with one liner.

    > after the peek/fetch change

    The peek/fetch code itself is duplicated. :-/

    > and when the duplication is minimal,
    > I usually find it clearer to put the loop condition at the while
    > clause itself.

    No problem, we could just keep an old form of *while* loop.

    > If you think it's significantly better,

    I do hink it avoids duplicating peek/fetch code.

    > please go ahead and submit the patch but to me the change you're proposing is
    > basically cosmetic and not even a clearly better one at that.

    Should probably look at the resulting assembly to see how much it's

    > Thanks.

    WBR, Sergei

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