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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] x86-64: fix vclock_gettime()
    Andi Kleen píše v Čt 14. 05. 2009 v 16:02 +0200:
    > > Sorry, this doesn't work, because the function is inlined. And even if
    > > it wasn't, the vDSO must be self-contained by definition. User-space
    > > cannot simply call into kernel-space.
    > Wrong, it can call into vsyscall space.

    Ah, yes, you're right. The vsyscall is always mapped and it is a special
    case for the instruction replacement code already.

    So, is there any reason not to put the rdtsc_barrier() around
    vget_cycles() in vread_tsc() ?

    Petr Tesarik

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